About Sharr Berry

Sharr Berry raspberries. At Sharr Berry, we take pride in being a distinguished name in the world of frozen raspberries. Nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Štrpce, our company has earned its reputation as a reliable and quality-driven provider of premium frozen raspberries.

Our Distinct Advantage

With over 100 hectares of meticulously maintained raspberry plantations strategically located in the heart of Štrpce, Sharr Berry DOO holds a unique position. This strategic location empowers us to swiftly and efficiently process our raspberries immediately after harvest, ensuring that you receive the freshest and most flavorful berries available.

A Symphony of Flavors: Meeker, Willamette, and Polka

Delve into the world of Sharr Berry and explore our diverse selection of frozen raspberries, including the coveted Meeker, Willamette, and Polka varieties. The Meeker and Willamette varieties are ready for harvest in June and July, while the Polka variety graces us with its presence from July through September.

Preserving Nature’s Goodness

Our commitment to quality goes beyond cultivation. Sharr Berry DOO excels in preserving the natural goodness of our raspberries due to our close proximity to extensive cultivation areas. Through swift transportation and a meticulous freezing process, we lock in the freshness, flavor, and nutritional richness of our berries.

Unveiling Our Offerings: Meeker, Willamette, and Polka Delights

Explore our exceptional offerings, where Meeker delights with its original and roland quality options, Willamette enchants with its versatility, and Polka adds a burst of flavor to our extensive product range. Sharr Berry DOO ensures that every berry maintains its premium quality, creating a delightful experience for our customers.

We go beyond being a supplier; we are your dedicated partner in meeting your frozen raspberry needs.

Make Sharr Berry DOO your preferred choice for premium frozen raspberries and experience the excellence that sets us apart. Contact us HERE to discuss how we can elevate your culinary creations with the finest frozen berries on the market.

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