Sharr Berry company specializes in delivering top-quality frozen raspberry, featuring three distinct varieties: Meeker, Willamette, and Polka. The harvesting seasons vary with Meeker and Willamette available in June and July, while Polka is harvested in July, August, and September.


Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of the municipality of Štrpce, Sharr Berry DOO stands out as the premier supplier of premium frozen raspberries. With over 100 hectares of raspberry plantations within the municipality, Sharr Berry DOO holds a privileged position at the heart of Štrpce, ensuring swift and efficient processing of raspberries immediately after harvesting.

The three key raspberry varieties offered by Sharr Berry are Meeker, Willamette, and Polka. Each variety has its own characteristics regarding harvest seasons and available quantities. Meeker and Willamette are harvested in June and July, while Polka’s season extends from July to September.

One of Sharr Berry’s main advantages lies in its ability to preserve the high quality of raspberries, thanks to its proximity to vast cultivation areas. After harvesting, raspberries are promptly transported and subjected to the freezing process, preserving the freshness and nutritional value of the fruit.

Meeker – Frozen Raspberry

Sharr Berry Company provides Meeker variety frozen raspberries in quantities ranging from 100 to 200 tons annually. Customers have the option to choose between original and roland quality, with packaging tailored to the specific requirements of each buyer.

For the Willamette variety, also harvested in June and July, both original and roland quality frozen raspberries are available. As with Meeker, Sharr Berry Company prepares packaging according to customer preferences. The Polka variety, harvested in July, August, and September, further enriches Sharr Berry’s product offerings, with available quantities ranging from 30 to 60 tons.

Sharr Berry DOO is a reliable partner for sourcing high-quality frozen raspberries. Our commitment to rapid processing, freshness preservation, and adaptability to customer demands positions us as leaders in the industry in Štrpce. For those seeking trustworthy suppliers of frozen raspberries, Sharr Berry DOO is the ideal choice. For more information, feel free to contact us HERE.